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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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"HARD PASS ??????"

I lined up my cock with her tiny hole and I buried my shaft in Nicole, resulting in an instant mini-orgasm experienced by Nicole.

"Hey there big guy. Why don't you come in here and, like I said, let's finish what we started. " Nicole said with a seductive look. I didn't need no further convincing as I nearly leapt at her, shutting the door, and carrying her to her room.

On the courzge, I couldn't keep my hands off her ass as we made out and she started undressing me. Different from how we started the previous weekend, I started by removing Nicole's lingerie and sucked on her nipples.

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The post sounds crazy.


Oh I get it now...You said that because you're a red head! Lol!


how are you lady?


Can you show him to us?


We will drink together then ??

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