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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"They perhaps deservedly attract that epithet but Republican leadership in Congress is not about high crimes and misdemeanors but about furthering the Republican agenda regardless of other more compelling duties."

We were not done as I flipped Nicole onto her back and prepared to enter her love tunnel with my throbbing cock.

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On the way, I couldn't keep my hands off her ass as we made out and she started undressing me. Different from how we started the previous weekend, I started by removing Nicole's lingerie and sucked on her nipples.

Nicole moaned as I began to move down her body, kissing every inch of her.

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I agree with you! I have black hair ??????


You're always positive mate on here mate. Keep busy, don't let the bastards get you down.... :-)))


That is up to Jack to decide


No, you don't.


Yes, there is absolutely no science that refutes any religious belief. By definition, science does not deal in the supernatural.


Edit it? Why for, that?s great! Why didn?t you join?


Are you a teacher


So you're saying that Eisenhower was a liar?

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